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Will your readers really appreciate and understand your message?

Your potential customers and business contacts are out there waiting to hear about what you have to offer. - Don't keep them waiting! - Your texts need to appear across the world in up-to-date English, written in a modern style to interest your readers.
It can be done!

Internet pages translated into English that everyone will enjoy reading because informative, to-the-point, and well-written (and just that little bit more interesting than the other guy's!)

Your existing texts or homepages in English require revision or editing?

The language says exactly what you wish to say (and doesn't sound like a translation!)
Only native speakers talented and trained in this special field are able to produce good, effective text. Computers will never be native speakers. If you feel that we can assist, then contact us right now: this will be your first step to telling the world in English what you are about!
We can help!


Computers will never be native speakers

One day, computers will be able to translate texts "perfectly". Already, it's possible for a computer to produce texts translated from one language into another. These texts, with a little correction, are grammatically perfect versions of their originals.
      But when translating text, is your computer able to build in words which reflect current cultural aspects of the language it is translating into? Does it understand the best way to say in English what the source text, in terms of its own culture, so superbly expresses? Can the computer know, for example, what is "politically incorrect" in the target language and thus must be excluded from the target text?
If you are lucky, your texts will be boring.
If you are unlucky, they will confuse - and may offend!

Avoid this, contact us: E-Mail address

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